Why Kerala is a paradise for solo travellers?


Kerala ‘The God’s Own Country’ is blessed with the wonderful nature. From mountains to beaches to waterfalls, everything is alluring and magnificent to eyes. Kerala has been attracting tourists from all over the world to witness the plethora of stunning nature it holds. The places serve as the perfect destination for all kind of visitors from family man to solo travellers.


Kerala has a multitude of places to explore, one may get tired of travelling but the list won’t end. For a solo traveller this place is no less than a paradise, justifying this statement there are various reasons.


People often think that solo travelling would be boring or not as appealing as group tours are. When one visits Kerala as solo traveller the picture is totally different, the place has so much to offer that one really doesn’t need any company.


Assisting these solo travels, there are many tour packages available for Kerala tourism. It totally depends on the person to either explore whole of Kerala or visit some particular sites in there, for instance- Kerala tour packages, Munnar tour packages, Alleppey tour packages and much more.


There are an endless number of things to do here along with enjoying the beautiful sights of nature-




Kerala’s backwaters are famous across the world, and it is not limited to just one or two places but holds multiple of backwater destination.


Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kasaragod are few of the names from the long list of backwaters in here. Houseboat rides alongside the fringes of coconut trees and lush greenery, the scenario is beyond pretty.


Hill Stations


Kerala has most beautiful hill stations, the fresh aura of this place is no less than a magical therapy to the soul. One of the most popular hill stations in Kerala is Munnar, the humungous stretch of tea plantation, flying clouds, aromatic lands define the place.

Tourists can choose the best Munnar tour packages available and enjoy the visit in peace. Besides offering multiple tourism themes to its guests, Kerala also excels in all of them, be it hill station or waterfalls or even beaches.




The beaches of Kerala can give tough competition to any other popular beach in the world. Tourists from all over the world can be seen relaxing. Sunbathing, on the beaches of Kerala.

The place is never empty unless it’s the off season.

The beautiful combination of sun, sand, and sea can be witnessed in Varkala, Alappuzha, Kovalam, Kochi and the list goes on. The sight of these beaches during peak season will make you wonder if its actually in India as the number of foreigners on beach is more than locals.


Things to do in Kerala

There will not be a single moment of boredom in Kerala even if you are travelling solo, the land has so the most thrilling and exciting adventures to offer its guests:


  • Witness a Kathakali performance
  • Go for Bamboo rafting in Periyar
  • Take popular Elephant ride here
  • Do not miss the magical ayurvedic massage
  • Have you ever seen water boat racing?
  • Paragliding in Munnar
  • Bring your inner photographer to life
  • Visit the huge temples in Kerala
  • Scuba diving in the vast waterbodies of Kerala
  • Snorkelling
  • Parasailing
  • Water Rafting
  • Indulge in the village life of Keralites and witness their true culture


Keralites are very fond of their food, no other region in India would be as proud as they are of their cuisine culture. Replace plates with Banana leaves, spoon, forks with your hand and then only you can enjoy the true flavours of Kerala. One can choose to visit restaurants or locals’ houses (they are very friendly) to devour the taste of true Kerala.  The flavours of Kerala are not limited to Dosa, Idli or vada sambhar, there is a lot more than that.


Here is a list of drool worthy dishes every tourist must feast on in Kerala:


  • Puttu and Kadala Curry- One of the most popular breakfast dishes served in Kerala, puttu is a cylindrical shaped mixture of coconut, water, and rice flour, while Kadala is a thick chickpea curry.


  • Idiyappam and Egg curry- Idiyappam is just like a bunch of noodles, and egg curry has the twist of coconut milk in it.


  • Appam- This the most popular side dish offered in Kerala, it can be combined with both vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian dishes.


  • Malabar Chicken Biryani- Keralites have their own version of chicken biryani, while others have Hyderabadi and Mughlai biryani, Kerala has Malabar version.


  • Avial- Just like the name, this dish is unique too. It’s a combination of multiple vegetables, cooked in coconut paste and coconut oil. This dish is most preferably served with rice.


  • Sea Food- Blessed with humungous water bodies, the seafood is found in abundance here, from shrimps to fishes everything tastes delectable.


  • Banana Chips- This quick snack option is loved by all. Kerala knows the best ways to utilise the abundance of nature.


  • Beef curry- Every non-vegetarian soul will love the rich taste of beef curry served in Kerala, the aromatic spices and coconut milk makes everything taste heavenly.


  • Ela Sadya- It is thali version of Kerala cuisines, all major dishes are served on banana leaves along with starters like banana chips. This is the best option to enjoy all flavours of Kerala in one place.



Kerala is a heavenly tourist destination for all, one cannot get bored of travelling in Kerala. The multiple themes that the place holds is boon to the world, and also makes it different from all other destinations of the world.


The literacy rate here is highest among all states of India, this also makes it easier for tourists from across the world to communicate with locals and in finding directions.


Residing in the southern part of India, Kerala is adored by both Indians as well as foreigners. If you have planned to go for a solo trip to Kerala, stay tension free because this journey will leave you with lots of beautiful memories made with yourself, with locals and with the beautiful sights of Kerala.




































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