Where can you visit when you are in Fujairah


Introduction to the city Fujairah

Fujairah is one the main attractions in Dubai for tourist who come here for the Fujairah City tour. Fujairah is one of the seven emirate states that make up the United Arab Emirates. With a city horizon specked with excellent minarets and transcending elevated structures and skyscrapers. It is an ideal blend of the customary and the contemporary for your visit here on your Fujairah City tour.

There are a lot of festivals held here all over the year. Festivals that would very much interest you as a tourist on your Fujairah City tour. Some examples of these examples are Al Saif Sword Championship, Maktoum Championship and Fujairah Monodrama Festival. These festivals give the tourists an experience of the very rich cultural heritage of United Arab Emirates.

With the amazing range of world class and famous hotels, Fujairah City gives you a number of options to choose to make your visit here worth remembering and amazing. Here are some of the places that you can visit on your Fujairah City tour. Hope you enjoy it!

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Fujairah’s cutting edge and very famous Sheik Zayed Mosque covers a space of about three football pitches. It flaunts six minarets 100 meters high. The mammoth supplication lobby has space for 32,000 admirers. It is very interesting place for people on Fujairah City tour.

Its white beautiful building has made it one of the city’s significant milestones. Its positions is the second greatest mosque in the United Arab Emirates after the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi. Tragically, the inside of the mosque isn’t available to non-Muslims for touring, however you can take photographs of the outside of the mosque on your Fujairah City tour.

Bithnah Fort

This fort is located in the Bithnah Village. Outside Fujairah city, 13 kilometers away from the main highway. The Bithnah Fort had once stood watch over the key important routes crossing the Hajar Mountains through Wadi Ham.

It was constructed in 1735. The Bithnah fort was considered of indispensable significance to the defense of the United Arab Emirates’ eastern area. The fortress’ massive frame of thick brilliant stoned dividers, edged by a stout roundabout watch tower makes it especially photogenic for tourists on the Fujairah City tour.

While the perspectives and views from the bulwarks over the wide-open plains of palm forests and rugged mountains behind are breathtaking and spectacular. Going there on your Fujairah City tour would be the highlight of your trip.

Going to these places can be very knowledgeable and entertaining experience for you on your Fujairah City tour. You can go visit all the ancient forts and the markets in Fujairah to learn more about the customs of the Arabic people.

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