We Give You 11 Practical Tips to Travel to Paris


Paris is a magical city. Every year it attracts millions of tourists who seek that atmosphere that reigns in the French capital. There fashion, art or delicious food are some of its charms. If we also add a walk on the Seine with its elegant bridges or its palaces and stately churches, we have a great city to visit. So get ready to know the secrets when traveling to Paris .

6 Practical Tips for Traveling to Paris

Paris is a large city where distances are considerable . But we know that there are some tips that are going to be able to avoid waste of time. So, let’s give you some. Sign up!

1. Avoid Queues at the Eiffel Tower

You can save yourself some good money and wait time if you buy your ticket online before your trip to Paris. With this you have your preferred access entrance and you avoid queues, entering without waiting.


2. Save Money in Paris

A good way to save money is to buy at Monoprix , a popular food, souvenir, clothing or perfume shop. Here you have memories of your trip for your family or friends at affordable prices.


If you want to eat from the menu, do it in famous restaurants at lunchtime. One way to save is to walk around Paris, another nice way to enjoy it.

3. Know Culture and Customs

Diplomacy always helps in your trip . Try to speak some words in French, even if it’s just bonjour (good morning) or bonsoir (good night). Parisians love it. The really important thing is to mix with the sophistication of the life of the place and not look like a rude tourist.


4. Restaurants

As in many foreign cities, Paris has a good offer of restaurants where you can find everything. You’ll see from Asian fusion to logically French food.


The luxury establishments are in the 1st district and in the Marais , as well as in the surroundings of the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower. In the 2nd district there are many cheap restaurants, like in Montmartre.

5. Surcharges and Tips

Most restaurants and cafeterias usually include a surcharge of 10% to 15% on the service . You can leave additional tip if you want it. In the case of taxi drivers, they usually wait between 12% and 15% for tips, although it is normal for rounding to be sufficient.


6. Stores

If you want to save money buy in supermarkets and neighborhood stores. A good way to save money in case you go with a budget somewhat adjusted. There are usually many, so it will not be a problem.

5 Extra Tips for Traveling to Paris

1. Free Tours

A good way to save money. In these tours you usually learn a lot , since they tend to offer people with tourism studies, history or people who live there, but they speak our language, of course.

2. Do Not Run Out of a Ticket!

You must know that you have to keep the metro ticket until you leave the station itself . This way you will be able to justify your purchase. People traveling without a ticket are subject to heavy fines.

3. Montparnasse Tower

Many people are engaged in taking pictures at the Eiffel Tower. But perhaps the best views of the city can be seen from this Parisian skyscraper . Here also appears the famous tower.

4. A Complicated Time City

Except in summer, and not always, the time in Paris tends to be quite changeable and is not exactly one of its attractions. For this reason the best thing is that whenever you can take warm clothes or a jacket in summer. You never know if they can lower temperatures or start raining.

5. Care on the Way Back and Forth

Being such a big city and not knowing it, it may happen that you spend more than you imagined in arriving at the airport . In the case of Charles de Gaulle , a traffic jam or leaving without the necessary time can have disastrous effects, such as missing the return flight. So you know, always with time.

As you have seen, with some practical tips to travel to Paris, our stay in the French capital can be quite better and will prevent us from waiting. Enjoy Paris, a metropolis with many charms to discover .


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