Ways to plan the best budget trip to Sikkim


A beautiful hill station in northeast India, known for its biodiversity, part of Eastern Himalaya. Surrounded by beautiful borders Tibet in north, Bhutan in East, South Bengal in south and Nepal in west.

The glimpse of these cultures can be easily seen in Sikkim, it is one of the least populated cities in India, the snow caped mountain and lush green valley’s gives the soothing experience while refreshing your soul, truly a wonderland.

Every year Sikkim witnesses’ large number of bag-packers who visit this peaceful place to dive in the serenity of nature and explore the renowned historic places, so if you are one of them book your Sikkim tour packages in advance to save your time as well as money and enjoy a hassle-free holiday with your loved ones.

Trip to Sikkim will be one of the remarkable trips in your life if planned well and the best part is you can very easily plan your budget trip to Sikkim, by taking care of few important things before planning your trip.

How much time you have

Depending on your time constrain you can decide the mode of travel, if you have time and want to save your money you can opt for train journey. Also, you can select AC 3tier, which will provide you the comfort while keeping your budget under control. You will find the easy train connectivity from major cities to NJP, Sikkim which is 148 kilometres from Gangtok.

The mode of travel

Instead of hiring private cabs, take a shared Jeep for travel, which will save your money.

If you are on time, you can take direct bus to Pelling, otherwise shared zeeps to Pelling or Darjeeling, are easily available and at reasonable price. Pelling is famous for mesmerizing views of Kanchenjunga peaks. You can plan your stay here for the day enjoy the serenity of the town while roaming around local markets.

Darjeeling on the other hand is famous for its tea gardens, monasteries and spectacular view of Sunrise over Mt. Khangchendzongha from the Tiger hill. Next day you can travel to Gangtok, again you will find the shared vehicles easily.

Some local sightseeing tours are also available in shared jeeps, they will charge you based on per person rate, they are cheaper then hiring a personal cab or taxi. So, go for them.

Off Seasons

Sikkim is beautiful throughout the year, but if you want to plan a budget trip to Sikkim then go on off seasons.

It will be colder or hotter than usual, but you will experience many advantages of visiting a beautiful hill station in off seasons, first of all it won’t be very crowded, you can take as many beautiful pictures you want, secondly it won’t be very expensive, and the best part is there are chances to witness the amazing site of snowfall too.

Off Seasons are between Mid Jan to March and July to Mid-September.

Plan in group

No doubt Sikkim tops the list of solo travellers too, but if you are looking for budget trip to Sikkim then plan your trip in group as it will save lot of cost and time.

For a single person private taxi will be costlier and to wait for shared one all the time, although it is easily available can be tiring.

Booking your hotel in advance

Sikkim, Gangtok, Darjeeling and all the famous sites offer a range of hotels and resorts for all categories, either expensive or low budget. But you have to research extensively and in advance before booking any of the hotel.

You will get lots of discount, offers in hotels while searching and comparing, so don’t book your stay in a haste, take your time but don’t wait for the last day, book in advance.

There are many benefits of booking your room in advance, you will get the room in one of the best budget hotels, in the best location and in better price.

Calculating other costs

Calculating other cost will give you a glimpse of the total expense required for a budget travel, such as the cost of food, entry fees (if any), cost for local sightseeing etc.

Also, you can avoid booking all-inclusive Sikkim tour packages, which include stay, tours, transports, foods etc, they look apparently lucrative while offering luxury vacation, but they will be lot more expensive. Search in advance for hotels and tours and book directly if you want a budget tour package for Sikkim.

Also, if you will go through the local operators you will find them knowledgeable as well as reasonable in price for planning your local sightseeing


Shopping of souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones is a vital part of your travel and when you are in Gangtok there are many unique items that you can shop, not only for your friends & family but for yourself too. While shopping for clothes, bags, shoes, woollens etc go to the whole sale market.

You will find the famous Canvas and wall hanging reflecting the history and tribal background, made up with various glorious colours and thread a perfect make over for your dinning. Tibetan Carpets are another famous item that represents arts and culture of Sikkim.

Don’t forget to buy a packet of Darjeeling tea for your friends. Hand-woven jackets, Semi-precious stones or silver jewellery, Thangkas are few famous items to collect as a memento of your trip.

One more thing to keep in mind while going on a shopping spree is, the best for shopping is evening as the market will be less crowded, you will get ample time to bargain and the lightings in the market will give you the best picture of the market.

It is easy to cut down on prices, if you plan your holiday early on time, book in advance, chase for various sites for available offers and discounts. If you have more time, then you can also change your travel mode from flight to train, travelling in groups can also help.

Author Bio:

Aditya Khanna is an avid traveller, explorer and love to drive. Adventure travel and going to new places that respect and gives back to local culture and environment is his top priority.



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