Beginner’s Guide To Travel Alone-What You Need To Know

Beginner's Guide To Travel Alone-What You Need To Know

Pros And Cons of Travelling Alone

Traveling Alone has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Most of the travelers like travel alone and explore news places besides mingle with new people and new streams of life. In the philosophical perspective, many say that everybody comes into the world alone and should fight alone in all walks of life. Man is a social animal but to find himself, he needs to travel alone to new places he never seen before. Many of us get bored of living alone in a same place and hence everyone wish to travel to new places once in a while, at least once in a year alone. Here are some of the pros and cons of traveling alone.

Some of the advantages of traveling alone are

  1. Know Yourself Better

Traveling alone helps you to know yourself better. When you travel alone, you can find the scope to know the different faces in you. Traveling helps to discover yourself and come out of the monotonous life style. Traveling alone can help to make better decisions in difficult situations. You can decide to take the better path among different roads for a better life. You can lay concentration on new expeditions and new experiences without the hassle or burden of depending on others or concerning about the limitations of other companions. You can find the child in you again who always want to discover new things, explore new places, and wander without any worries if you choose to travel alone.

You can find your strengths and weaknesses easily when you travel alone without depending on others. You can listen to your own heart and learn to respect yourself if you often travel alone. You can find the new meaning of your life and your new goals easier when you find time for solo travel often.

Beginner’s Guide To Travel Alone-What You Need To Know
  1. Come out of comfort zone

You can come out of the comfort zone easily since there will be no one to restrict you in your journey if you decide to travel alone. Coming out of the comfort zone is not only in the norms of food and shelter but you can mingle with people easier without any restrictions and limitations when you choose for a solo journey. There are many things outside that test your patience and determination and make you a better person. Hence, finding time for yourself and finding the best holiday spots for solo travel is a better way to comfort yourself and explore more beautiful things around. These are the better times to come out of tougher situations and overcome hurdles in your journey. The time you travel alone helps to introspect and get the better person out of you.

  1. Saves Money

Traveling alone helps to save money since you alone can decide what to eat, where to go, and where to stay. You need not submit to the needs or demands of others and need not stop your ambitions and adventurous thoughts. You can travel alone at the affordable budget if you want to play an adventurous sport or exploring a new destination.

  1. Making new friends

You can make new friends easier during a solo travel. You can explore more beautiful things around you and more beautiful souls around you if you wish to travel alone. You can easily interact and communicate with local people and know about their habits and lifestyle. Generally local people show more eagerness and fascination to mingle with new people and mostly with the people who are traveling alone. The local people will be more enthusiastic to help or mingle with new people and hence you can find new friends and acquaintances easily if you can make up your mind to travel by yourself.

  1. You can choose your own route map and destination

Solo travel helps to find your own route map and follow your mind. You can be the boss of yourself and choose your own destination. May it be a holiday spot, pilgrimage spot, or adventurous destination, solo travel helps to boss your own way and your own destination. You may need to make some compromises when you need to travel with others regarding food, shelter, and places to visit. But if you travel on your own, you can decide everything you need to or you want to do and make the best from your trip. If you travel alone, you can follow the routes that can benefit you at the best.

  1. You can learn to be independent

You can learn to rely on yourself if you learn to travel alone. Traveling alone makes you handle tougher situations more efficiently, make decisions more wisely according to the situations, mingle with different streams of people and above all, improves the self confidence levels. Self confidence can be improved by solo travel and when you take a crucial step in your life, your solo journey helps to make the best assessment of the situations and make the right move.

  1. Amazing trip

Solo travel can make the trip more amazing and make the most out of the exciting and adventurous trips. You can have better experiences undoubtedly when you need to travel alone and handle the situations there on your own. The experiences may be good or bad, but the experiences of a solo journey will become the more cherished moments in your life. You can make better enjoyment from things you have experienced, the tougher roads you have taken, different kinds of people you met, and new friends you make. Believe it or not, traveling alone makes the experience more memorable and cherished.

  1. Me time

You can cherish me time by traveling alone if you love to speak to yourself and be with yourself. You can appreciate the good qualities of yourself and enjoy your own company if you make a move to travel alone. However, a few minutes of me time became scarce now a days and traveling alone helps to find plenty of time for yourself and meet a new person within yourself. You can find time to introspect and find your higher spirit and enhance your internal energy levels if you can find time to travel alone.

In addition to me time, finding best time to travel alone helps to find your inner strength, get excited, and love your life more and live happier. You can enhance your attachment with nature and fellow beings if you can travel alone at least once in a year. Studies show that attachment with yourself and traveling alone helps for enhancement of self confidence and gain strength for your well being.

Here are some of the disadvantages of traveling alone.

  1. Lack of company

Man is a social animal and he always yearns to socialize. If you travel alone for a new place, you may face lack of confidence levels since there are no one to share your feelings and experiences with. Communicating your feelings through letters or telephone is different from sharing memorable moments during a journey with your friends or loved ones. You may feel disappointed and feel lonely when your loved ones are not with you during an exciting journey or adventurous expedition.

  1. Budget constraints

Budget constraints are important points to consider when you need to travel alone. You can save money on food and accommodation when you travel in a group and sometimes the basic needs like food and shelter may seem expensive when you need to travel alone.

  1. Difficult to handle tough situations sometimes

Traveling alone may put you in troubles sometimes in some cases. You may face troubles due to lack of knowledge of the new lifestyle, laws and languages in new place and may fall into a difficult situations and sometimes you may feel scared or tired to handle difficult situations. For example, you may find a new place and may lose your way sometimes and fall into trouble. Some experiences like that remain in your mind like a nightmare.

  1. Safety constraints

There are many safety constraints when you travel alone. For example, you are left in a dark and unknown place, you might be left penniless and your purse is stolen or got cheaten by a travel guide or some other attendants. Traveling with a group will be safer in handling some of the difficulties while traveling to a new place, especially while traveling to new countries.


Traveling alone has number of advantages and disadvantages. Traveling alone helps you to build confidence and self reliability. In addition, it gives the courage to handle tougher situations. Solo travel makes you confident enough if you like to travel to different places at least once in a year. A person might face problems like budget constraints and safety issues if they choose to travel alone but solo travel will be a good move if you love to explore yourself and make expeditions to new places since there will be no restrictions and demands from others. In addition, you can listen to your heart and get the most of your life if you choose to travel alone frequently.


  1. Traveling alone makes you strong and confident and changes your perspective towards life. There are many facilities for solo travelers nowadays but there are still certain constraints that stop you from exploring a new world in your own way. Though the experience of traveling alone will be different every time, some might become nightmares and some become the most cherished. Traveling alone always has the set of advantages. Here are some of the tips one can follow to make the solo travel experience a wonderful memory for a lifetime.


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