Things to keep in mind before Planning all Boys Trip to Ladakh


Nestled in the Jammu Kashmir region of North India, Ladakh is emerging as a trending tourist’s destination in recent years. The adventurous activities like camping, mountain biking and alluring sceneries make it popular for every type of trip.

Well, you couldn’t find any better destination than Ladakh while planning all boys trip with your buddies. The blood tingling adventures of Ladakh are perfect for your rough and tough boys’ squad!

If you all love to drive then, a road trip to Ladakh can be your best choice. Otherwise, you can go for Leh tour packages to make your Ladakh trip super awesome. As you know, the region of Ladakh is very peculiar than any other city of India. So, going to such a place requires extra care and attention.

There are some things which you should keep in mind while going to Ladakh. We know you are too excited and want to skip this. But, remember that safety comes first. So, gather some tips to have a happy and safe trip to Ladakh.

Visit Ladakh during on-season Months:

You should plan your trip only during the season months of Ladakh. April to September is the best season to explore the Trans Himalayan region of Ladakh. As Ladakh is one of the highest points of the world so, it remains cover with snow in winters.

You can face road blockages, landslides and other problems while visiting in winters. So, avoid planning the trip in that season. After all, the weather of Ladakh remains pleasant and cold even in summers. If you are going to plan a road trip then, strictly follow this point.

Have Knowledge to Tackle Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS):

Acute Mountain Sickness will surely bother some of you while exploring Ladakh. It doesn’t depend on how fit you are in your homeland. It is a medical condition which can make you feel uncomfortable and sick due to low atmospheric pressure. It can lead to severe headaches, restlessness and nausea which can ruin your trip. People face this usually when they go to places with high altitude. You can tackle this situation in the following ways:

  • Don’t rush and give adequate time to your body to adjust in the new atmospheric conditions. Add some extra days in your trip for body adjustments.
  • Increase your altitude gradually and don’t go to the highest point on the initial days of the trip.
  • Take a rest of 2 days/48 hours after reaching Ladakh.
  • Increase hydration and try to consume 1-litre extra water daily to avoid AMS.
  • Don’t run on high passes and avoid exerting your body too much.
  • Keep some preventive medications like Diamox to avoid AMS.
  • Avoid too much smoking and alcohol intake on higher altitudes.
  • If you feel any symptoms of AMS then, take immediate rest or descend from high altitude places.

Be Prepared for Sudden Breakdowns:

Road trip to Ladakh can be the best experience of your life but, you should be extra cautious on these risky trails. We don’t mean to threaten you still prevention is better than cure. The paths of Manali Leh highway are usually barren with no hint of any shops.

So, be prepared for any type of breakdown if you are driving on these roads. All the bikers must keep puncture repair kits or puncture protection foams with them for this journey. Try to keep enough foods, drinks, blanket/sleeping bags, tent or other materials required for 2 to 3 days survival. It’s good to prepare for any bad happenings as you will seldom get any helping hand on those roads.

Ditch your Workout regime in Ladakh:

We know that you want to flaunt your muscular abs in the trip images still; you should not do the workout or any exercise while staying in Ladakh. Physical exertion can make the journey difficult for you as it’s hard to breathe in the high altitude of Ladakh. Conserve your energy for sightseeing and other fun activities. After all, skipping the workout regime for a few days isn’t a sin!

Drive with Extra Care:

Slow down mate, even if you are a fast and fierce rider in your homeland. Remember that the roads of Ladakh are nothing like the roads of plain lands. It has twist and turns, huge stones and you also have to face harsh natural conditions sometimes. So, consider driving if you are an expert.

Many accidents occur on a daily basis as bikers usually slip on ice sleets while applying front brakes. One mistake can take away your life so, be cautious while riding on these roads. Just take some extra care, and your ride will be super astonishing and beautiful!

Inner Line Permits/Protected Area Permits in Leh:

To visit certain areas of Ladakh, you must have a special permit as Ladakh lies adjacent to some prominent borders of India. Indian citizens require inner line permits while foreigners have to get protected area permit to visit few places in Ladakh. Entry to areas like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and Tso Moriri Lake is prohibited without these permits.

You can approach any tour agency for obtaining the permits, or you can go to the DC office in Leh to fetch the permits for yourself. You can also buy Leh tour packages from some renowned travel agency that will take care of your permits. Keep your id card, and other proves with you all the time while travelling to Ladakh.

Pack Essential Medications and Warm Clothes:

Considering the height of Ladakh, you should pack the warmest clothes along with proper scarfs or woollen caps to cover your head and face. The extreme cold of Ladakh can affect your skin. Apart from it, carry necessary medications according to your health as you won’t find many stores on your way to Ladakh.

Now, no one can stop you from having a super amazing trip with your buddies anymore! You are all set for your Ladakh trip!


Aditya Khanna is an avid traveller, explorer and love to drive. Adventure travel and going to new places that respect and gives back to local culture and environment is his top priority.




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