The ultimate Andaman honeymoon bucket list


A perfect romantic destination with lots of greenery, tranquillity, solitude and serene nature is what a person craves for while searching honeymoon destination because it’s a time to build your new relation while enjoying some cosy moments together without any disturbance, far from the city life in the lap of mothernature.

Andaman honeymoon package is one of those perfect packages that serves the purpose while keeping you and your partner delighted throughout the tour along with lots of surprises to hold on to, clear turquoise water, stunning rainforests, unspoilt beaches, ancient tribes, gorgeous corals and many more. Not only scenic beauty and beaches, but it’s a hub for adventure sports too which can be an add-on to your beautiful honeymoon’s journey.

There are many beautiful sites and things to experience in Andaman, but few things out of them are must that you can’t afford to miss.

Neil Island

One of the most beautiful islands situated around 40 kms to the south of Andaman Islands, rich in biodiversity with enchanting tropical forests, unexplored coral reef and sparkling sandy beaches.

You can travel to the island using a boat service from Port Blair, enjoy the lovely escape to this dreamland with your better half. Scuba diving and snorkelling are famous water sport which can be enjoyed at Laxmanpur, Sitapur and Bharatpur beaches in Neil Island.

Cinque Island

You can include Cinque Island in your bucket list to meet lovely coral and marine life. The island is divided in north and south Cinque which is connected with sand bar.


The island is not very crowded, so you will get ample opportunity to enjoy the togetherness in solitude, relax and unwind the sandy beaches. No human habitation makes it a perfect destination for honeymooners looking for some private time amidst natural surroundings. You can also add a walk hand in hand with your partner in the beautiful coral gardens here.

Barren Island

Barren islands are believed to be the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia and another thing that attracts traveller towards this island is; you will get a chance to travel by chartering seaplanes because the only way to reach this island is by chartered planes or boats, also the prior permission from Forest Department is a must.

young couple watching sunset on the beach


As the name itself suggests, it is not inhabitant by human and you will only find different kind of birds, bats, goats and few species of rats.

Havelock Island

Andaman honeymoon packages are incomplete without Havelock Island, known as home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia Radhanagar Beach. An amazingly beautiful, scenic and tranquil beach to relax and cherish the togetherness.

The most popular still unspoiled and peaceful beach where you will only hear sound of waves breaking on the shores. You can also enjoy snorkelling at Elephant Beach at Havelock Island, one of the most preferred snorkelling destinations

Bioluminescence at Havelock Island

Another major thing that you can’t afford to miss when you are in Havelock Island is Witnessing the miracle of nature, a phenomenon known as Bioluminescence which last for 3 hours but with a lifetime of memory. When there is no moon light between Nov to Dec, the water on the beach glows because of the presence of phytoplankton.

Bioluminescence from glowing plankton in sea tide line on beach, with stars above and ship lights on horizon, Vaadhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives, Indian Ocean, October 2010

It seems thousands of tiny stars are floating under your feet or as if boat is sailing over thousands of stars. A bliss, a magic, a miracle you can give it any name but still the beauty of this amazing site can’t be described in words. These kayak tours are arranged by experts, so book it in advance as there are very few in Havelock.

Little Andaman Island

It offers a perfect mixture of white sandy beaches, captivating Waterfalls, thrilling Elephant Safari, boating through Creeks, Elephant lumbering, and Elephant calves training, Surfing etc.A mesmerising island where couples can indulge together in elephant safari, exciting treks or can soak up in the sun with your partner, at serene and stunning Butler or Harminder Bay.

Cellular Jail

Never miss a place’s history, it will take slight extra time from your trip but it’s a must to understand, what the city or place has gone through.

Cellular Jail is one of such historical places in Andaman, known as kaala paani (black water), a jail made by the British to imprison political prisoners, a colonial prison. While exploring the historical cellular jail, don’t forget to attend the remarkable light and sound show.


If you love photography and birdwatching Andman Bird Island or Chidiya Tapu will delight you, a verdant spot with forests, mangroves and numerous species of birds.

You will enjoy the non-stop music of constant chirping of birds throughout the day while witnessing birds in all colour, shapes and sizes flying from one branch of the tree to another. The most famous of them are parakeets, eagles, drongos, doves and many more.

Water Activities

Water activities are major attractions for people on tour to Andaman, a couple should also keep this in their bucket list to keep the adventour mode on.

There are many famous water sports that attracts tourists such as Swimming, snorkelling, banana boat rides, parasailing, scuba diving, underwater walking, jet skiing, dolphin watching etc. You can select the one that tempts you.


If you want to travel amidst the colourful fishes but you are afraid of diving, this is for you. You will get a helmet and transferred into the sea, enjoy the feeling of weightlessness while enjoying the company of beautiful coral life.

Even the imagination will tempt you, the lovely colourful fishes hovering over your head and moving alongside when you are walking. Under water walk is famous at North Bay Island and Havelock Island.

Stay in a beach resort

A must for couples, go for beach resorts in Havelock and Neil Island instead of five-star hotels, hotels are easily available unlike beach resorts.

It will be one of the most rememberable stay of your life.


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