Sanjay Van looks adorable during Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings

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Sanjay Van is a city forest area notorious for a false cause despite beautiful greenery. Generally, most of the places in Delhi are known for the richness of heritage and culture. This is one of the areas in the city with dense woods but known for the wrong reason. Sanjay van is near to the Qutub Minar in Mehrauli.  The area of Sanjay van is nearly 783 acres. This region is known for many scary stories related to bad spirits and ghosts.

Sanjay Van looks adorable
Sanjay Van looks adorable during

The place is wrongly famous as the haunted forest. In fact, if you like to spend some quality time in Delhi with your family, you can spend some time in this region during the mornings of weekends. If this place is developed properly, it stands as an apt place to spend Sunday evenings and also the picnic spot for school and college students. This place is famous as a “haunted park” rather than a park.

Sanjay Van New Delhi
Sanjay Van-new-delhi

Ironically, a small portion of this forest region consists of graves of Sufi Saints who lived centuries ago. The view of this area resembles a graveyard. Generally, you cannot see people except early in the morning. The fact is that Sanjay van is one of the most secluded places for the wrong reasons in India, at least in Delhi.  This dense forest area is facing the threat of extinction but the volunteers of Delhi Development Association and some other NGOs are striving hard for the beautification of this region.

Sanjay Van is a must visited place
Sanjay Van is a must visited place

There is a myth spread all-over Delhi that the bikers passing through Sanjay Van during night times saw a woman clad in a saree and staring towards the people with dreadful eyes. However, we are living in a society where superstitions are deep-rooted.  Hence, the beauty and tranquility of Sanjay Van were mistaken for a scary reason due to the existence of graveyard within.

There are many scary stories about the sounds of a crying baby, one of the saints walking in the lightning, and women waving at bikers and passers-by. There are many instances of murders and anti-social activities in this secluded region. However, the fact is, since this is an isolated place, the scope for anti-social elements will be more. Hence, the graceful sight of Sanjay Van became a nightmare for most of the civilians of Delhi.

Sanjay Van is a must visited place In Delhi
Sanjay Van is a must visited place In Delhi

In fact, Sanjay Van looks adorable during Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings and stands as an ultimate spot for morning walkers. People who have an interest in cycling can cycle here for nearly 20km. Another point that allures nature lovers about Sanjay Van are, records showing nearly 150 species of birds inhabiting in this forest area.

This is a perfect place for nature explorers and bird lovers. Most of the bird documentary makers show enthusiasm to record the details of species of birds in this park. There is a lake at the center of this park but most of the area of the lake is polluted. The lake is earlier called as Neel Haunz.

In fact, Sanjay Van is a must visited place in Delhi for its tranquility. This place is notorious for anti-social activities and hence, take care that you avoid visiting this place at night.


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