Pre-requisites for a solo bike ride in India


Pre-requisites for a solo bike ride in India

Riding alone across India is a dream for many Royal Enfield users. Here are some of the steps to have a safe and happy adventure with your solo ride.

The bike ride is an entertaining thing for enthusiasts but it is a risky thing for travelers who want to have a long ride on a Royal Enfield bike across India. One may be an outstanding rider in a group but solo bike ride across India is not a cake walk. One thing that makes you worried about this is what if you meet with an accident and the other thing is what if you are stuck in an inevitable situation. No one wants to lose an adventurous experience out of fear. Here are some precautions you can take before you plan your solo bike ride.

  1. Make sure you use your own bike

Someone may like to ride on a rented bike or a bike of a friend but if you face unforeseen conditions, you may fall into legal risks if you don’t have a bike of your own. Make sure that you have your own vehicle and carry all the required documents belonging to your vehicle before you move on. Take care that you carry license, registration certificate, insurance and photo identity documents during your ride along with you.

  1. Service and test ride

Make sure that you have done the servicing before a week and did the test ride for 25-50km within the city before you start your test ride. During the test ride, you can identify any issues with the running and mechanical issues and fix them before your dream ride.

  1. Take the second key or both the keys

Ensure that you carry both the keys of the vehicle with you. This move will be helpful when you lose your duplicate key or when you left the key inside keeping the vehicle locked.

  1. Postpaid mobile connection and extra battery

Some states in India do not allow prepaid mobile connections. Hence take care that you have a postpaid mobile connection and an extra battery and power bank along with you for communication during emergency situations.  Be careful that you have your smartphone and battery handy always.

  1. Guards for you and your vehicle

Keep Polaroid sunglasses handy since normal sunglasses cannot prevent the mirage. The mirages may cause glare and accidents in many occasions. Hence, take care to use Polaroid sunglasses while driving. Take a waterproof bag with you to carry important documents, mobile phone, charger, and torch. Take a waterproof cover to cover your vehicle from dampening in emergency situations.

Take care that you have a jacket, leg guard, elbow guard, knee guard and helmet to prevent loss of body parts or serious injuries during accidents. Use metallic guard for your vehicle to prevent any damages, dents, or scratches during inevitable situations like accidents. Take care to cover most of your body parts to save yourself during sun and rain. Use cotton gloves up to your elbows to save from unwanted situations.

  1. Meet Your Mechanic

Meet your motor mechanic to learn about changing clutch wire, fuse, and chain lock. It is important to learn about changing the flat tyres and other tiny spares during the hour of need.


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