Desert safari trip a place of entertainment


Desert safari, a place to remember:

A person who is visiting UAE, it is compulsory to visit desert safari Dubai, A safari where you can change your mind through a lot of entertainments, amazing kinds of rides, even you can say that, the amount that you have paid will highly worth and you will have no regrets after visiting this place about money as well as time.

A beautiful destination:

The desert safari Dubai trip is the best experience in a bus, the bus will depart you at your first destination in Desert safari Dubai, after so many beautiful sight- seeing and wonderful photo-stops as well.

Quad biking

In your Dubai desert safari trip, there is another transport just like sand boarding and dune bashing, but it is slightly different and unique from both. The name of this mode of transportation is quad bike which is desert land ride but it in the bike form. It is also an amazing and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Camel farm:

Your first destination in your desert safari Dubai tour will be a camel Farm, where you have an option to see and observe and get to know about so many camels and their kinds and types.

The enormously beautiful sunset view:

Then the drive continues across the desert safari Dubai and leads you towards a beautiful and tremendous view of sunset in the barren desert along with sand boarding and camel ride too.

Henna tattoo painting:

In Dubai desert safari, you can make henna tattoos, just as the sign of Dubai desert safari trip. Actually henna is the part of Arabic culture and they prefer their culture in everything first.

Sand boarding:

Boarding in water and seas is like common and old. Now the new way of boarding is sand boarding in dry barren piece of land which is available in Dubai desert safari tour. It is the new and unique way of boarding which has swag and dun its own way. It is a new and unique and as well as a wonderful experience.

Dune bashing:

Another important and key factor of desert safari Dubai tour is dune bashing. It means to drive on uneven surface of land which gives you an amazing skill as well a new experience.

Opportunity of photography:

On your desert safari Dubai tour you can enjoy sunset photography, Arabic dance photography, Arabic dressing photography, photography along with different rides and much more.

Belly dance show:

In desert safari Dubai tour, you can enjoy the belly dance of the female performers, which is basically belonging to Arabic culture. It is always enjoyed by so many peoples and entertains public all the time because it is wonderful and enjoyable in its own way.

Complimentary Arabic coffee and fresh dates:

In tour desert safari Dubai trip, you can enjoy Arabic coffee that is also known as qahwa. It is without milk liquid along with coffee and tea leaves. You can enjoy this Arabic coffee along with dates.

Desert safari packages:

Desert safari provide all types of packages to desert safari Dubai trip along with so many facilities and best opportunities. If you want to visit desert safari, you can use our website for booking and more details



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