Changes Brought About in New Bike Models


Have you ever gone to a bike competition? Or are you, yourself a bike lover? Then, you will know for a bike lover, his first girlfriend will always be the vehicle. There are many bikers who refuse to give their bikes to another person for a personal ride. Now, the motorbike is one of the best innovations of technology. Don’t you feel so? What if the same technology device gets updates as per the recent trend? Confused? We are talking about the beneficial changes that will happen, if the new popular technology, artificial intelligence gets implemented in bikes. And it has already happened. In this article, we focus on the changes brought about in new bike models.

  1. What Are The Recent Changes In Bike Technology?

Many changes have already been done, but the recent one is regarding the Kawasaki bike. This popular bike brand is set to launch the next generation motorcycle which can understand the rider’s driving style and adapt accordingly.

This motorbike makes use of the Emotion Generation Engine as well as Natural Language Dialogue System. The bike is manufactured with special features, and it will open the door for the next round of thrilling riding experiences.

And in case of problems, such as problems in any part of the bike, the system will relay the information so that you can take proper caution. The concept used is artificial intelligence, and through these kinds of motorcycles, Kawasaki wants to change the motorbike as a mere transportation vehicle. So, bike riding will be more fun as well as rewarding. This is one beneficial change brought about in new bike models.

2.Smart Helmets

When the bike has been made more convenient to you (rider), how about the helmet? So, this part has also become smart. They have become common in developed countries, and have prices that can suit the common man’s budget. Although every model differs from the other by features, they all have one aspect in common. And it is to make your travel easier. When riding, you can communicate with the fellow riders, you can attend important calls as well give commands. And yes, you can also play music with the helmet. Another beneficial change brought about in new bike models.

The most popular Smart helmets are given Below


  • Sena Momentum BlueTooth
  • Torc T15B BlueTooth Full Face helmet
  • Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Modular Helmet
  • HJC CL-MAXBT II Smart MotorBike Helmet
  • FreedConn BM2 Smart Helmet
  • Helmet Model – Schuberth R2

3.Manufacturing of Bike Models

When the first Industrial Revolution happened, there was a change in the design of the machine and many new innovations happened. Now, in the recent trend, new technologies have opened a new era of programs and applications where benefits only can happen. Some names are machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence and internet of things.

And machine learning and artificial intelligence have stepped in the manufacturing of bikes. Which bike rider does not know the name of Harley Davidson? The brand. This company has started to make use of machine learning and AI in its new versions.

  1. Manufacturing of Bikes

There are some bike parts which have to be still manufactured or assembled by hand. Usually, to build a bike, a team of six people works on the project. Now there are some jobs which are manual and have to be done repetitively. These jobs can be done even by a robot. When coupled with artificial intelligence, a machine can replace a human. This machine can do a job similar to a human and can work 24/7. The machines just need to get the proper programming and need a caretaker, only when repairs happen. And these machines are equipped to handle the minor repairs themselves. Or when in repair, they can send a notification to the supervisor mobile or convey a message.

Now, imagine the other benefits. These robots can also get used in dangerous jobs or in environments where humans have to wear special clothing to get the bike manufacturing job completed. Also, there are chances that humans might do an error. But the AI or machine learning implemented machines once programmed can never produce quality in error.

Wrapping This Article On Changes Brought About In New Bike Models

Okay, let us now settle down to the present models. How do you maintain your bike in the top condition? And please note, you have only 24 hours a day. It is difficult to maintain a personal life and balance adjustments. So, when the performance of the bike becomes low, you take it to the repair shop. But now, you do the maintenance service the other way, don’t you? Okay, shall we take an example? You have a bike in the maintenance period and being a Mumbai resident, you opt for the easy method. You download the app of the best company popular in doorstep repair services and hire the best bike mechanic in Mumbai for your vehicle. This is the present day situation.

Can you predict the future? The new version models may have a special feature coupled with artificial intelligence where if needed, the system can send an alert to your mobile. So, if a bike part has suffered damage or needs maintenance, you will get a message. This feature is definitely going to be a permanent feature in all the future bike models.

Have you read the article on changes brought about in new bike models for the future? We have added very few changes in the article. We plan to add more in the forthcoming months, so if you want to stay tuned, please note, our subscription is free.

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