An arabic themed trip to desert safari

desert safari provides different packages
desert safari provides different packages

Arabic themed trip:

Dubai Desert safari is the barren desert between fertile land portions. Desert safari provides different packages. It differentiates pother parts of land.  You can enjoy desert safari night stay with so many facilities. These facilities are very interesting and entertaining. Dubai Desert safari is the beautiful desert located in Dubai with so many fun and entertainments. If you appointment there done our website you will face so many facilities such as pick and drop, adventurous full desert ride, camel ride, sand boarding, welcome drinks, henna painting in ar5abic style, international and BBQ dinner for both veg and non veg, Arabic dressed photography, Arabic dance, belly dance show, fire show, sheesha with lots of flavors, and much more.

 Things to do and enjoy:

There so many wonderful and amazing things to do in Dubai desert safari trip. Some of the following activities will give you information about tour and trip and also details.

Beautiful sunset view:

There is an iconic and natural view of sunset in the morning, the sun start to rise behind the yellow and brown mountains with dim light in start and then start to bright gently and gradually.

desert safari provides different packages
desert safari provides different packages

Henna tattoo painting:

In Dubai desert safari, you can make henna tattoos, just as the sign of Dubai desert safari trip. Actually henna is the part of Arabic culture and they prefer their culture in everything first.

Sand boarding:

Boarding in water and seas is like common and old. Now the new way of boarding is sand boarding in dry barren piece of land which is available in Dubai desert safari tour. It is the new and unique way of boarding which has swag and dun its own way. It is a new and unique and as well as a wonderful experience.

Dune bashing:

Dune bashing is the new type ride and transport use in deserts only. You drive car daily and it’s your routine and may be you my fed up with this. There is the new way of transport that is dune bashing which is enjoyable to everyone.

Quad bike;

In your Dubai desert safari trip, there is another transport just like sand boarding and dune bashing, but it is slightly different and unique from both. The name of this mode of transportation is quad bike which is desert land ride but it in the bike form. It is also an amazing and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Delicious lunch:

You can enjoy international cuisine and organic lunch there with delicious and yummy taste, prepared by professional chefs and have a choice of veg and non veg too.

Arabic costume photography:

Actually Dubai desert safari is the full Arabic theme trip so there is one more opportunity that is they will provide you Arabic costumes and dresses just to give a full Arabic look.

Desert safari packages:

Desert safari provides different packages to Dubai desert safari, with different entertainments, different opportunities and different kinds of fun with different division of prices.


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